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Animalic change [AU] [Luffy x Reader x Law] [pt08]
Three days. It had been three days already. The next morning would show the surprise. You had tried not to think about whatever surprise was awaiting you. Last night, you had gone to bed, feeling quite nervous and a bit scared. Whatever was awaiting you, could change everything. It could even destroy everything... and that's what scared you the most. You didn't want to disappear. You didn't want to leave those two men – and you didn't want them to hate you. Whatever happened... it just shouldn't change too much.
Something had changed. You realized it as soon as you woke up – not that you bothered checking it. You were still terribly tired, not moving much. You stayed there, lying on the couch, keeping your eyes closed. Something felt strange, somehow... uncomfortable. You growled lightly, turning around and burying your face in the pillow. You should check it, yeah – but you didn't feel like it.
You didn't even react much as you could hear the door being opened. Luffy
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Carnival chaos [AU] [LawxReader] [Part 03]
You were surprised about how calm it stayed the next time. The rest of the day had been quiet, you had watched television with your brother and simply stayed at home. Sunday had been peaceful as well. You had stayed at home, only made a short walk through the park. It was a nice weekend – not including Friday.
And today, Monday, you were alone. Your brother had to work and you could do whatever you wanted. Not that you were such a big friend of doing something alone.
You hummed as you finished preparing dinner. It was already past noon – you had slept quite long and eaten something afterwards. Now you were done with cutting the meat and vegetables, so you could easily make dinner as soon as your brother would get home. You took q quick look around, making sure you hadn't forgotten to clean up, before you went to the living room. So, what now? You could read something, watch television, play some of his video games...
You sighed, not being able to decide what exactly you wan
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Carnival chaos [AU] [LawxReader] [Part 02]
You took a deep breath as the cold night air surrounded you. You stopped there, collecting yourself, before you slowly started walking home. Your thoughts were running wild, you didn't really focus on your surroundings. Honestly, it didn't matter to you. You knew the way home – you could think about him. The time you had spent with him. You had been happy...! And now, everything was destroyed. You didn't want to feel regret. You just wanted to forget the pain these thoughts were causing.
“Hey beautiful~” The voice of a man brought you back to reality. You stopped, throwing a short look to your left, before you quickly went on. Two men, both with bottles in their hands and obviously drunk were coming over to you.
“Hey~ Stop ignoring us!” You wanted to run, but were grabbed at the wrist. He pulled you to him, making you turn around. Again, your body froze as you stared at him.
“Leave me alone.”, you ordered, narrowing your eyebrows and trying to
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Animalic change [AU] [Luffy x Reader x Law] [pt07]
What happened...? You blinked a few times, staring at the food you had been eating the last seconds. You didn't remember being hungry, you didn't even remember getting up. You cleaned your paw, sitting down and taking a short look around. Your energy was back. It felt like you woke up from a bad, bad dream – knowing that it wasn't a real dream. All that stuff had happened. It was real. You had been a young woman, leading your own life – and losing more and more of it.
And now...? Now you were a lynx, having to lead a different life... and yet, your worries from your past had caught you once more. You ate, you drank... but what for? You felt terrible in a way you didn't understand. Depression. What an awful illness to get...
“What do you think, Kaya-san?” You froze at the spot, turning your head around. That voice. Just like... that woman of your dream. Slowly you looked to the two women, eyeing them calmly. Kaya tilted her head, smiling lightly. “I think..
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Carnival chaos [AU] [LawxReader] [Part 01]
It was disappointing. You had always thought that you were special to him – he had loved spending time with you, taking you out of the house. You had visited different things, most of the time zoos, parks or you went hiking. You loved exploring new areas, so you had been excited every time he mentioned a new possible excursion destination you would visit the next time.
It had depended whether you had been in school or university – after all, you had been together since the upper classes. You had been scared, honestly, you had expected that he would break up as soon as you left the school, but he hadn't. You had spent two more years together – two wonderful years. You had enjoyed every single day of it, although both of you had studied in different universities. Sometimes it had been difficult, but you had always handled those moments.
And now? Now everything was over. You weren't even sure why he broke up. You had been happy, there had been no reason for the two of yo
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Haunting [AU] [Law x Reader] [Part 04]
You didn't sleep well this night – just like the nights before. You woke up in the middle of the night because of a sudden pain in your foot. The wound hadn't gotten worse, something you realized when you controlled it, grumbling lightly. It was terribly annoying, having to bandage it again in the middle of the night. Of course, you had gone to bed afterwards, trying to get some more sleep, but the mood you got up with the next day wasn't the best.
Though you had to admit: waking up early had become common for you. Normally, in your free time, you had loved to stay in bed for a few hours – but since your sleep had gotten worse, you woke up at about six o'clock. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later.
You still stayed in bed after that, most of the times until Lamy wanted something to eat and that happened as soon as she saw that you were awake. Being quite an intelligent cat, she already realized that you changed your sleeping behavior – not that you wanted that.
With a s
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Betrayal [Law x Reader] [Part 19]
Your head was pounding, the moment you woke up. You didn't know what was going on – but you knew that something was wrong. Completely wrong. You felt weak and dizzy, a very bad combination. You didn't blink, you didn't even open your eyes – you simply sat up, knowing that you had been lying on some hard and cold floor.
You expected a few things – but not an annoyed “Watch out, (y/n)-ya.” when you sat up, unconsciously pulling somebody along. You opened your eyes immediately, turning your head and staring at your captain next to you, before you grimaced. You placed your free hand at your forehead, grumbling lowly.
“What in the world happened?”, you wanted to know, blinking a few times to lower that damn state of dizziness. You could hear an annoyed huff.
“Take a look around you and ask that question again.”, he simply grumbled, making you pause. You followed his advice, taking a look around you. You grimaced the moment you realized t
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Animalic change [AU] [Luffy x Reader x Law] [pt06]
It didn't get better. Not a little bit. The small lynx stayed at the same spot for hours, not even getting up once to eat or drink something. It probably made the impression that she was simply sleeping – but she wasn't. She was awake and staring at some invisible point. It made both men worry – although Law wouldn't admit it while Luffy tried all kind of stuff to make her feel better.
Knowing that eating and drinking nothing would harm her body sooner or later convinced Luffy that he had to go to Kaya with her. He should have taken her to the vet more often either way.
Narrowing his eyebrows, he grabbed the small animal, placing her in the pet carrier. She didn't even flinch, just letting Luffy act.
“Hey, Torao? Could you drive me to the zoo? Please?” The raven-haired who just entered the living room, raised one eyebrow, sighing soundlessly. Luffy sounded calmer than usual, obviously worried and not in the mood to make trouble.
“Sure, I'll start the motor
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Jadelyn [OC - One Piece] by Cyarana Jadelyn [OC - One Piece] :iconcyarana:Cyarana 6 4 One Piece Chibis [01 - Supernova + Revos] by Cyarana One Piece Chibis [01 - Supernova + Revos] :iconcyarana:Cyarana 8 2
Betrayal [Law x Reader] [Part 18]
You stared at the sea, your eyes were slightly narrowed as you thought about your decision. You had talked to Law – the one you had to call captain from now on.  You would be staying with the Heart pirates. You highly doubted that this would end well, but fine, to get your body back you had accepted it. If it got too disastrous, you would just disappear. Shouldn't be a problem now that you could use your devil fruit again.
Why? You weren't sure of it. You had simply agreed without a snappy reply and now, now you should start your flight and check whether there were ships or islands around or not. You would be the one to go on regular patrols as long as you were on the surface of the sea.
You sighed, turning into a falcon and starting to fly. It was sunny, there was only a light breeze, making flying easy for you. It was relieving, finally being able to transform again. You had missed it, without a doubt.
Everything seemed calm. There was no ship in sight, nobody who could at
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Animalic change [AU] [Luffy x Reader x Law] [pt05]
Time passed as you were living with those two men. It had been a few days without weird nightmares. You had grown a bit, now being bigger than the usual house cats. Luffy kept on playing with you and feeding you while Law got used to caressing you. It had been a peaceful time, no problems occurred – and now? Now you were sitting on the carpet in the living room, staring outside the window. It was late fall, the leaves were falling down – and it would probably start snowing sooner or later.
Yawning, you got on your feet, stretching yourself before you rolled yourself up and closed your eyes. From one moment to the next, you felt so terribly tired. You didn't know where this was coming from, but you didn't really care about that question. Some sleep would help – you were sure of it.
Or maybe not. You blinked a few times as you were standing in front of a small shop in the middle of a town. You looked around curiously, searching for the gray shadow – and there i
:iconcyarana:Cyarana 17 3
Mature content
Deadly [LawxReader] [AU] [Part 06] :iconcyarana:Cyarana 12 8
Betrayal [Law x Reader] [Part 17]
Your brother cursed as he got closer to the submarine, grinding his teeth as he could feel that he was getting weaker as well. You had been right – although you were used to cold temperatures, having lived on such an island before, it had been too much. He needed a break – but first, you needed help. He was carrying you on his back, walking as fast as possible. He could feel your weak, warm breath through his hair. It worried him – he definitely had to hurry, but luckily, the Death was close. Otherwise, none of you would have survived this day.
Bepo was the first to notice you. He had been staying on deck because of the cold temperatures he liked and was used to. Thinking about that, he could have accompanied you without a problem. Well, better that he didn't as he immediately hurried to call the others. Your brother was sure of that, he had been on this ship for a few years after all.
When your brother arrived at the yellow submarine, Shachi and Penguin were already
:iconcyarana:Cyarana 16 4
Ups and downs [Law x Reader] [AU] [part 07]
You felt insecure. Very, very insecure. It wasn't that you didn't trust Law – but rather that you had many doubts concerning your mind. You weren't sure whether it was a good idea to take you to some unfamiliar restaurant or not. You would be happy about a calm evening – you simply hoped that this trip wouldn't end disastrous.
Looking through the window of Law's car, you were deep in thoughts. You watched the buildings, trees and all pass by without really seeing them. Of course, you were glad to you had been able to leave that festival, but the relieve had soon disappeared. Doubts. Why were you always such a skeptical one? It was so hard for you to trust that everything would turn out alright, but you had to try. Maybe, if you kept on trying, it would work sometime.
A gentle touch on your shoulder made you look up, blinking a few times, not having realized that you had arrived only a minute ago. You blinked, shyly rubbing the back of your head. “Sorry, seems like I w
:iconcyarana:Cyarana 15 11
Deadly [LawxReader] [AU] [Part 05]
Warning: This story may contain mature content like violence, blood, death. Anyone who can't see /read about characters being injured or killed, shouldn't read the coming parts of this story! Most of the characters appearing might end up with more or less fatal injuries, a part of them will definitely die. And like always, it could get weird and random from time to time.
She was trying to get away from him – it was obvious. She was sidestepping, hiding behind some stone walls, trees and other stuff, but her follower was directly behind her. Sometimes, it seemed as he lost her, but soon found her again. You knew that Nami was a fast one, but sooner or later, he would get her if it went on like that.
Oh – and it wasn't the guy with the hammer. The one who was following her, had a cleaver. He was as big as the other one, but a bit more slender. They all had no normal human faces, but more grotesque visages. Warped with scars – and empty, glowing eyes. Scary, arise
:iconcyarana:Cyarana 11 12


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So, the whole weekend which started rather nice and the whole coming week's been destroyed... I've been crying my eyes out for the last.... half an hour maybe? Maybe more, might takes so time, writing this... and I didn't look at the clock.
My dad found our beloved young cat Lamy... dead next to a busy road. They buried her while I've been at work. Such a damn stressful day... and now such a destroying message. I just... can't believe it. I know such things can happen every day, every damn minute... having lost my rabbits a few years ago... but now? A month before my final 'exam'...? Life is such an asshole right now... I mean, why now? Why her...?! 

I'm sorry guys, but I might not be able to write the next... weeks or so. Due to that loss and the fact that I should prepare for the final exam of my apprentice ship. (Honestly, how am I supposed to concentrate...? I wanted to work at that tomorrow...!) I'm sorry, really. This two points are the reason why I won't answer messages and stuff right away. I just... can't. I have to... get over it I think... somehow. Just dunno how yet...

Thank you for your understanding ._.

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Facts 'bout me

 I really love writing stories - especially with pairings. Doesn't matter whether it plays in the original universe or an alternate. I get plenty of ideas although I haven't got the time to work out each of those...x:

2. I love almost every animal. Especially cats (including their wild relatives & ancestors), birds (especially birds of prey & ravens), foxes and wolves. I even like snakes, mice, rats... the only animals I can't stand are ticks, gnats and wasps.

3. I've got such a low self-confidence but I'm capable of hiding it most of the time. Honestly, I've never thought high of me thanks to being bullied when I was younger and a few other things. It's getting better, but I guess I'll never be the most confident one around. Probably the reason why I'm quite quiet and patient...~

4. Although I'm a calm person, I have my quirks. With the right people around me, I can be more open. Talking nonsense, laughing about rubbish... it's great~<3
5. I wouldn't be who I am without my family and my friends. They inspire me - and although I often can't thank them the way they deserve, I love them. I don't want to lose them, always having the fear my sometimes cold behavior will push them away eventually v.v
6. I'm such a big One Piece fangirl. I love this pirate anime, reading the newest manga chapter as soon as possible x3 My favorite characters definitely are Law and Cora <3 Although I love the Whitebeard and Strawhat pirates as well... I've got too many ideas concerning this fandom! xD

7. Favorite color would be black. Just like the night~ And I love the combination of black and red. I like blue or green as well... but most of my clothes are black c:

8. My/Our lovely cat Lamy - yep, named after Law's dead sister - is such an inspiring creature. I love her. And she has quite a few things in common with me. She's as lazy as me, bites as often as I do. (I mentioned having quirks, remember? I bite others, escpecially my family, out of boredom... or if they tease me) Without her and my good friend Bell, I wouldn't have started the story Haunting.

9. I love things others don't like... or get called crazy for it. Mentioned animals before - or other things. Like, I love going for a walk in the forest at night. Seeing roes, rabbits, foxes... or badgers. Or going outside when it's stormy. Strong wind and rain - and also at the beginning of a thunderstorm. I know, it's unhealthy, but I love it.

10. I hate summer. The heat's killing me every day. And that damn wasps and gnates! I'm more a spring and autumn child... I prefer it colder, windy, stormy. 

11. ...I'm a bit chaotic. I always try to keep my room tidy, but it doesn't work. I'm a master of disaster...! Not really xD But really. One day I tidy up my room - and the next, it's back to chaos. That's just my way of living...xD My buildings in certain games look similar. Not with trash on the floor, but they seem a bit (or very) random xD

12. Apropos games. I haven't been the one to play many games earlier. When I was younger, I only played Zoo tycoon or Sims at the computer - and some Pokemon games at my DS... by now, I've got Steam account and about 20 games already. Especially games like The Walking Dead, Life is Strange, Stardew Valley, but also Dead by Daylight~ And my DS collection got bigger as well~ Love it c:

13. ...I let myself get distracted far too fast and often...xD

Questions from

1.- Which is your favorite song?
...difficult to say. I love so many songs, I don't have a real favorite song. Just to name a few I like: Courtesy Call (Thousand Foot Krutch), Where we belong (Thriving Ivory), My Demons (Starset), White Rabbit (Egypt Central), Hymn for the Weekend (Coldplay), Written in Blood (Beyond the Black), Bring me to Life & My Immortal (Evanescence) or Lucifer (Blutengel)

2.- I f you could wake up tomorrow anywhere in the world where would it be?
...probably in Japan? I want to go there sometime!~ Or back in Chester in Great Britain, visiting the host family from my last traineeship x3

3.-The first anime you watched was...
Pokemon or Digimon I think. Or rather both xD Followed by One Piece~ At least, One Piece was my first fandom. It made me start writing x3

4.- If you were an anime character who would you be?
...who? Damn. Very good question. Thinking about that, it depends. Looking at my character attitudes, I'd be someone like Bellemere or Tashigi, taking care of helpless children or animals. Uhm, though Bellemere suits me more than Tashigi. (Means I'd probably die rather soon...) Being as clumsy as I am, I'd probably be someone like Rocinante as well... Great, I see a pattern here ._. I'd be a soon dying, but helpful character xD

5.- Eren or Levi? Why?
...I can't give an answer to that, not having watched Attack on Titan yet. I want to, but I didn't have the time yet... so, I'll have to wait with that answer xD

6.- If you could join a One Piece´s crew which would it be?
...a chaotic one. The Heart pirates with Shachi and Penguin would be nice. Or maybe the Strawhats... or the Whitebeard pirates~ Akagami would be nice as well, but I guess it would be one of those three xD

7.- What is the first thing you would do as a crew member?
...probably fail doing some easy task? xD Depending on the crew, I'd cuddle with Bepo or Chopper... or do some jokes or pranks with Haruta and Ace xD 

8.-Which is your favorite food?
...urg. Great question again! I love different things. Risotto for example, with aspargus. Lasagne as well... or roast duck with rice or noodles and peanut or sweet and sour sauce~

9.-When was the last time you cried watching an anime?
Ehm... good question. I definitely cried watching Ace's death the first (and probably a few times more) time as well as some scenes with him before that. But if I think about it... it probably wasn't the last time. Damn. What was the last thing I watched...? Shiki. But I think I didn't cry, did I...? Maybe Mikoto's death or Shiro's Goodbye in K Project...? I don't remember it really ^-^''

10.- You´re getting married tomorrow, who´s the groom? boyfriend might be mad if I don't say it would be him~ So, can't think of another now xD Although tomorrow is waaaaaays too soon oô

11.- Do you have a favorite holiday?
...uhm. Not really. I usually like every one - but workng in hospitaliy makes me want to live without such. They're so stressful... If Halloween would count as such a holiday, it would be my favorite, though~

12.- What do you think of lemon fics?
I've got nothing against such? I don't read them often and I wouldn't write such, but I don't have anything against people who write or read such ^-^''

13.- Where would you go on a date with your anime crush? and going on dates. I'd like some calm place with a simple restaurant. Somewhere where you could go on a walk around a lake or in the forest in the evening for example. Or do some picnic. I'm simple concerning that I guess. Somewhere in the nature, maybe with animals and I'm content~

My 13 questions

1. Why did you join DA?
2. What's your favorite anime/manga?
3. Is there a fictional character you have a crush on? Which one is it?
4. What's your favorite time of the year?
5. Which ficitional character would you want to be your father/mother/siblings?
6. Favorite kind of sweets?
7. Do you have a favorite DA artist?
8. What inspires you?
9. Would you go to the Grand Line if you could?
10. Pirates, marines or revolutionaries?
11. Favorite One Piece antagonist?
12. What kind of music do you like?
13. What are you currently working on?


Remember, you don't have to do this if you don't want to! Ah, and everybody who isn't tagged but wants to do this, is welcome!

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Three days. It had been three days already. The next morning would show the surprise. You had tried not to think about whatever surprise was awaiting you. Last night, you had gone to bed, feeling quite nervous and a bit scared. Whatever was awaiting you, could change everything. It could even destroy everything... and that's what scared you the most. You didn't want to disappear. You didn't want to leave those two men – and you didn't want them to hate you. Whatever happened... it just shouldn't change too much.

Something had changed. You realized it as soon as you woke up – not that you bothered checking it. You were still terribly tired, not moving much. You stayed there, lying on the couch, keeping your eyes closed. Something felt strange, somehow... uncomfortable. You growled lightly, turning around and burying your face in the pillow. You should check it, yeah – but you didn't feel like it.
You didn't even react much as you could hear the door being opened. Luffy hummed as he entered, soon stopping and staring at you, blinking a few times. You couldn't see as he tilted his head in confusion.
“What? Where's Lynn? And who is that...?” You froze because of the questions, blinking a few times as you opened your eyes. What did he mean? You were still here. Nothing had really changed, so what was he mumbling about?
“Something wrong, Luffy-ya?” It was Law's voice which made you freeze once more. Okay. Now you had no other choice. You had to get up. You yawned, slowly sitting up, again realizing that something was wrong. It felt strange. Different.
You threw a look down at your body just to yelp in surprise. Your body. It wasn't the same as before. It was... human? No fur, no claws – hands, legs, pale skin. For a few seconds, you simply stared at yourself and the hairs lying on the couch and floor, not even reacting when Law entered the living room, freezing as soon as he spotted you – a young woman sitting on their couch naked. You weren't the only one to be confused – their lynx was gone and instead, there was a woman in their house.
“Hey, you. What are you doing here and where's Lynn?!” It was Luffy's voice that interrupted the silence, making you turn around slowly, crossing your arms in front of your chest. You felt scared and – what was that feeling called again? – embarrassed. Yes, embarrassed.
“I... I'm-”, you started, coughing because of the weird change and your dry throat. For a moment, you bit your bottom lip, hawking before you looked at them. “Guess that's the surprise Kuleha-san mentioned...”, you muttered shyly, insecure, fidgeting a bit restless.
“Heh? But where's our lynx?!” Luffy pouted, walking over to you. Before he could reach you, Law grabbed his collar.
“Wait, Luffy-ya.” “But Torao...!”
You ducked your head, biting your bottom lip again. “First of all, who are you? And how did you get here?” Law's voice was calm as he grabbed a blanket, handing it to you so you could at least cover your body. You avoided his gaze at first, taking a deep breath.
“I'm (y/n)... and I've been here for quite a while already...”, you murmured hesitantly, crossing your fingers.
“Don't be ridiculous. How should that-”, Law started, soon stopping and narrowing his eyebrows. Lynn was gone and now... there was a woman pretending that she had been there for a while already. Strange coincidence, huh?
“You want to say that you're... Lynn?”, he muttered, still skeptical. Slowly, you raised your head, looking at the raven-haired male with desperation.
“Yes... I knew you wouldn't believe me, Law...”, you quietly stated, standing up cautiously. He flinched slightly, staring at you with wide eyes. That eye color of yours – identical to Lynn's. And you knew his name although Luffy called him Torao. It sounded possible. Again, he narrowed his eyes, letting go of the poor, confused Luffy.
“But how?”
You stayed quiet for a while, shrugging your shoulders. “Magic I guess. She turned me into a lynx the moment I wanted to die a few months ago, making me forget everything like that. But now... now that I remembered my past, she turned me back, saving me from that strange illness.” You grimaced, turning your head away. Depression. You didn't eat, you didn't drink, you didn't sleep. You would have died without a change.
“Of course magic... And now what? What do you except us to do now?” He didn't sound convinced, not the least – you couldn't blame him, though, you wouldn't believe it as well if your were in his position.
“...I don't expect anything. I fear too much, but I won't tell you what to do now. I'd be happy if you could at least let me stay for a few days though... until I know what to do...”, you replied, lowering your head. Law didn't say a thing, he only sighed.
“Wait. That woman is Lynn?!” Luffy's exclamation made you look up in surprise, blinking a few times as a grin appeared on your lips. That... idiot. But a lovely idiot. You nodded with a weak grin. “Yeah.”
“Whoa! Never thought this was possible! Those vets are magicians! Hey, wanna play something?!” For a moment, you stared at him with disbelief, soon starting to chuckle lightly. “Only if you got some clothes for me...”, you hummed, shaking your head. Those two were such a great combination. The naive, optimistic Luffy and the skeptical, realistic Law... how did they end up living together...? A question you should ask them sooner or later.
For now, you should think about your future. With Law's current attitude, you wouldn't be allowed to stay with them – so you had to move on. Damn. How should you live on...? What should you do? You had no passport, no certificates... there was so much you had to do. It would be a difficult task to get all this stuff done.

Not that this bothered you this day. Luffy found some clothes for you, letting you put them on in the bathroom, before he convinced you to play something with him. Mostly hide and seek outside in their garden and inside the house. It helped you getting used to your new body – or should you call it your old body? You weren't entirely sure whether you've looked like that before or if something had changed.
Every few minutes, you wanted to walk on four legs – but you told yourself that you had to walk on two legs. You didn't have to use your hands for moving, but for grabbing stuff. It felt strange yet somehow familiar. No surprise, huh?
One thing didn't change completely, though. The evening. You ate something with them, watching television with them afterwards – just with another position. You wouldn't sit on their lap now, although you would probably miss that sooner or later. It seemed like they would let you stay for the time being. For the next days, it would get exhausting and demotivating, having to take care of so many things. Only time would tell how everything would end.
Animalic change [AU] [Luffy x Reader x Law] [pt08]
Hey, hey~

Finally, after months, I finished some story part...

I'm sorry. Lately, I've got no motivation, no time... and urg. I hate it. I want to write, but I just can't... damn.

I can't promise anything, but I'll try to write more... or at least a bit, day by day. Sooner or later, I'll upload more... maybe as soon as I'm done with that damn apprenticeship... urg. Don't be mad, okay? I'm trying my best ._.

Well, nevermind. I hope you liked this part!
Hey guys! 

Now that school's over, I had the time to finish at least one part of Betrayal, I also started another part for Ups and Downs - and my Carnival Chaos idea is being worked on as well. I guess I'll be able to upload a few things the next week (as long as work lets me)

Oh and the reason I write this journal, guys... I just realized... that you're crazy. So unbelievably crazy! 201 watchers, I mean... seriously?! Thanks so much! Just... thank you! I can't believe it, eh...

So, uh... I would say it's time for... something special, but I don't know what. Some special story? A raffle? Or... eh, dunno.. If you've got some suggestions for me, just write them here! ♥ 

I hope you all have a great weekend and that you can enjoy the nice weather (at least, it's rather warm und sunny here - though I'm no that fond of the heat...)
Read you guys soon 
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