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Betrayal [Law x Reader] [Part 21]
You had thought your condition had gotten better – boy, were you wrong. Your sleep was interrupted by sudden heat waves. Your body felt like it was on fire and you couldn't do anything against it. You had no control over your body, you were paralyzed. You weren't even able of opening your eyes. You were lying there, paralyzed and burning. It was awful – and with every minute, every second that passed, you wished to end it – and if you died. It had to stop. You couldn't do anything but suffer.
You could feel your heart beating – at the beginning too fast because of the nervousness, but it slowed down. It got slower and weaker until you couldn't feel it anymore. It calmed you down somehow. Well, a little bit at least. Not being able to move was unsettling after all.
The darkness held you. It didn't let go. The moment your heartbeat had gotten so weak you couldn't feel it anymore, the heat started to change. It grew extremely, it became insufferable, before it disa
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Betrayal [Law x Reader] [Part 20]
You tossed and turned in your bed, your head aching even stronger than a few hours ago. You had no clue what time it was – but probably around midnight or so. You didn't really care whether somebody had returned to the ship or not, if you were alone or not – you just wanted the pain and the growing heat to end. You had soon fallen asleep, just to wake up because of some unsettling nightmare – and now, you couldn't fall asleep again. It just didn't work.
You growled lowly, getting up and tumbling because of the fast move, grabbing your nightstand to prevent yourself from falling. “What the fuck's wrong, damnit?!”, you cursed lowly, carefully leaving the room, heading for the bathroom. It wasn't that far away – and as you thought before, it didn't matter whether other crew mates were here or not. You needed some cold water to cool down. And maybe some pill against your headache...
You slowly continued moving on, entering the common bathroom with a sigh
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Ups and downs [Law x Reader] [AU] [part 08]
For once, you were sure that everything went the way it was supposed to take. With Garp's help, you found a little apartment you could pay by yourself – it was small and unexciting, but it was enough for you. After all, it belonged to a friend of Garp who – without you knowing it – had made it a bit cheaper. You liked it – especially with the balcony at the east side, directly connected to your bed and living room.
It had been a few weeks since the summer festival and you had made progress. An own apartment – and you've had a few, more or less successful, job interviews. Soon you would start your apprenticeship in an hotel and restaurant. It wasn't a luxurious hotel, rather a smaller three star hotel, owned and lead by a single family, but it seemed fine. You had worked there for almost a week, coming along with most of the members you've met in that time. You weren't sure whether hospitality would be yours or not – but time would tell. You had four
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Slave stealers [LawxReader] [Oneshot]
With a hum, you sat back in your seat, watching how the hall was slowly, but surely filled. You weren't surprised though, it was one of the so terribly loved human auctions. You had expected that it would stay very popular, especially with the rich, powerful and noble ones, even after the tragedy a few months ago where that straw hat pirate had crushed one of those auctions. Those aristocratic bastards couldn't live without slaves, could they? So it would continue existing for a long time – you were sure of it. Not forever, but at least for a few months or years.
You crossed your arms in front of your chest, tilting your head. They would start in a few minutes – and you were curious. Which number would your slave get this time? She had always been one of the last ones thanks to her special look. And she brought you a lot of money as well. So... of course you would sell her again~ There was nothing for you to worry about.
Well... concerning her being sold, but there w
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Animalic change [AU] [Luffy x Reader x Law] [pt08]
Three days. It had been three days already. The next morning would show the surprise. You had tried not to think about whatever surprise was awaiting you. Last night, you had gone to bed, feeling quite nervous and a bit scared. Whatever was awaiting you, could change everything. It could even destroy everything... and that's what scared you the most. You didn't want to disappear. You didn't want to leave those two men – and you didn't want them to hate you. Whatever happened... it just shouldn't change too much.
Something had changed. You realized it as soon as you woke up – not that you bothered checking it. You were still terribly tired, not moving much. You stayed there, lying on the couch, keeping your eyes closed. Something felt strange, somehow... uncomfortable. You growled lightly, turning around and burying your face in the pillow. You should check it, yeah – but you didn't feel like it.
You didn't even react much as you could hear the door being opened. Luffy
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Carnival chaos [AU] [LawxReader] [Part 03]
You were surprised about how calm it stayed the next time. The rest of the day had been quiet, you had watched television with your brother and simply stayed at home. Sunday had been peaceful as well. You had stayed at home, only made a short walk through the park. It was a nice weekend – not including Friday.
And today, Monday, you were alone. Your brother had to work and you could do whatever you wanted. Not that you were such a big friend of doing something alone.
You hummed as you finished preparing dinner. It was already past noon – you had slept quite long and eaten something afterwards. Now you were done with cutting the meat and vegetables, so you could easily make dinner as soon as your brother would get home. You took q quick look around, making sure you hadn't forgotten to clean up, before you went to the living room. So, what now? You could read something, watch television, play some of his video games...
You sighed, not being able to decide what exactly you wan
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Carnival chaos [AU] [LawxReader] [Part 02]
You took a deep breath as the cold night air surrounded you. You stopped there, collecting yourself, before you slowly started walking home. Your thoughts were running wild, you didn't really focus on your surroundings. Honestly, it didn't matter to you. You knew the way home – you could think about him. The time you had spent with him. You had been happy...! And now, everything was destroyed. You didn't want to feel regret. You just wanted to forget the pain these thoughts were causing.
“Hey beautiful~” The voice of a man brought you back to reality. You stopped, throwing a short look to your left, before you quickly went on. Two men, both with bottles in their hands and obviously drunk were coming over to you.
“Hey~ Stop ignoring us!” You wanted to run, but were grabbed at the wrist. He pulled you to him, making you turn around. Again, your body froze as you stared at him.
“Leave me alone.”, you ordered, narrowing your eyebrows and trying to
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Animalic change [AU] [Luffy x Reader x Law] [pt07]
What happened...? You blinked a few times, staring at the food you had been eating the last seconds. You didn't remember being hungry, you didn't even remember getting up. You cleaned your paw, sitting down and taking a short look around. Your energy was back. It felt like you woke up from a bad, bad dream – knowing that it wasn't a real dream. All that stuff had happened. It was real. You had been a young woman, leading your own life – and losing more and more of it.
And now...? Now you were a lynx, having to lead a different life... and yet, your worries from your past had caught you once more. You ate, you drank... but what for? You felt terrible in a way you didn't understand. Depression. What an awful illness to get...
“What do you think, Kaya-san?” You froze at the spot, turning your head around. That voice. Just like... that woman of your dream. Slowly you looked to the two women, eyeing them calmly. Kaya tilted her head, smiling lightly. “I think..
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Carnival chaos [AU] [LawxReader] [Part 01]
It was disappointing. You had always thought that you were special to him – he had loved spending time with you, taking you out of the house. You had visited different things, most of the time zoos, parks or you went hiking. You loved exploring new areas, so you had been excited every time he mentioned a new possible excursion destination you would visit the next time.
It had depended whether you had been in school or university – after all, you had been together since the upper classes. You had been scared, honestly, you had expected that he would break up as soon as you left the school, but he hadn't. You had spent two more years together – two wonderful years. You had enjoyed every single day of it, although both of you had studied in different universities. Sometimes it had been difficult, but you had always handled those moments.
And now? Now everything was over. You weren't even sure why he broke up. You had been happy, there had been no reason for the two of yo
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Haunting [AU] [Law x Reader] [Part 04]
You didn't sleep well this night – just like the nights before. You woke up in the middle of the night because of a sudden pain in your foot. The wound hadn't gotten worse, something you realized when you controlled it, grumbling lightly. It was terribly annoying, having to bandage it again in the middle of the night. Of course, you had gone to bed afterwards, trying to get some more sleep, but the mood you got up with the next day wasn't the best.
Though you had to admit: waking up early had become common for you. Normally, in your free time, you had loved to stay in bed for a few hours – but since your sleep had gotten worse, you woke up at about six o'clock. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later.
You still stayed in bed after that, most of the times until Lamy wanted something to eat and that happened as soon as she saw that you were awake. Being quite an intelligent cat, she already realized that you changed your sleeping behavior – not that you wanted that.
With a s
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Betrayal [Law x Reader] [Part 19]
Your head was pounding, the moment you woke up. You didn't know what was going on – but you knew that something was wrong. Completely wrong. You felt weak and dizzy, a very bad combination. You didn't blink, you didn't even open your eyes – you simply sat up, knowing that you had been lying on some hard and cold floor.
You expected a few things – but not an annoyed “Watch out, (y/n)-ya.” when you sat up, unconsciously pulling somebody along. You opened your eyes immediately, turning your head and staring at your captain next to you, before you grimaced. You placed your free hand at your forehead, grumbling lowly.
“What in the world happened?”, you wanted to know, blinking a few times to lower that damn state of dizziness. You could hear an annoyed huff.
“Take a look around you and ask that question again.”, he simply grumbled, making you pause. You followed his advice, taking a look around you. You grimaced the moment you realized t
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Animalic change [AU] [Luffy x Reader x Law] [pt06]
It didn't get better. Not a little bit. The small lynx stayed at the same spot for hours, not even getting up once to eat or drink something. It probably made the impression that she was simply sleeping – but she wasn't. She was awake and staring at some invisible point. It made both men worry – although Law wouldn't admit it while Luffy tried all kind of stuff to make her feel better.
Knowing that eating and drinking nothing would harm her body sooner or later convinced Luffy that he had to go to Kaya with her. He should have taken her to the vet more often either way.
Narrowing his eyebrows, he grabbed the small animal, placing her in the pet carrier. She didn't even flinch, just letting Luffy act.
“Hey, Torao? Could you drive me to the zoo? Please?” The raven-haired who just entered the living room, raised one eyebrow, sighing soundlessly. Luffy sounded calmer than usual, obviously worried and not in the mood to make trouble.
“Sure, I'll start the motor
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Jadelyn [OC - One Piece] by Cyarana Jadelyn [OC - One Piece] :iconcyarana:Cyarana 9 4 One Piece Chibis [01 - Supernova + Revos] by Cyarana One Piece Chibis [01 - Supernova + Revos] :iconcyarana:Cyarana 10 2
Betrayal [Law x Reader] [Part 18]
You stared at the sea, your eyes were slightly narrowed as you thought about your decision. You had talked to Law – the one you had to call captain from now on.  You would be staying with the Heart pirates. You highly doubted that this would end well, but fine, to get your body back you had accepted it. If it got too disastrous, you would just disappear. Shouldn't be a problem now that you could use your devil fruit again.
Why? You weren't sure of it. You had simply agreed without a snappy reply and now, now you should start your flight and check whether there were ships or islands around or not. You would be the one to go on regular patrols as long as you were on the surface of the sea.
You sighed, turning into a falcon and starting to fly. It was sunny, there was only a light breeze, making flying easy for you. It was relieving, finally being able to transform again. You had missed it, without a doubt.
Everything seemed calm. There was no ship in sight, nobody who could at
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Animalic change [AU] [Luffy x Reader x Law] [pt05]
Time passed as you were living with those two men. It had been a few days without weird nightmares. You had grown a bit, now being bigger than the usual house cats. Luffy kept on playing with you and feeding you while Law got used to caressing you. It had been a peaceful time, no problems occurred – and now? Now you were sitting on the carpet in the living room, staring outside the window. It was late fall, the leaves were falling down – and it would probably start snowing sooner or later.
Yawning, you got on your feet, stretching yourself before you rolled yourself up and closed your eyes. From one moment to the next, you felt so terribly tired. You didn't know where this was coming from, but you didn't really care about that question. Some sleep would help – you were sure of it.
Or maybe not. You blinked a few times as you were standing in front of a small shop in the middle of a town. You looked around curiously, searching for the gray shadow – and there i
:iconcyarana:Cyarana 21 3


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Dead Man Walking: Day one, It begins :iconbrittbratt1989:brittbratt1989 4 5
Zoro x Male!Reader - Nail polish
“(Name)! What are you doing?”, the (h/c) haired man peers up as he hears his captain call his name, blowing at his nails to make the nail polish dry.
“What does it look like I’m doing…?”, he quietly murmurs, looking down at the different colors of nail polish and brushes. Luffy tilted his head, blinking in curiosity, before sitting down next to the smaller built male.
“Uuuuh… Putting weird paint on your nails?”, the black haired captain says, watching the (e/c) eyed man’s nails. A small, timid smile settled on (Name)’s lips, as he started adding details to his nails.
“I suppose that’s one way to put it…”, he breathes, gently blowing on his nails. Sanji walks over to the two, a tray under his arm. (Name) shrinks back a little, peering up at the blond man, while Luffy just grinned up at him.
“Hey, Sanji! Look at this weird paint (Name) is putting on his nails! It looks really cool!”, the
:iconluffythaking:LuffyThaKing 24 12
Lifetime - Trafalgar Law [Thousand Sunny III] by The-Ly Lifetime - Trafalgar Law [Thousand Sunny III] :iconthe-ly:The-Ly 34 5


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You had thought your condition had gotten better – boy, were you wrong. Your sleep was interrupted by sudden heat waves. Your body felt like it was on fire and you couldn't do anything against it. You had no control over your body, you were paralyzed. You weren't even able of opening your eyes. You were lying there, paralyzed and burning. It was awful – and with every minute, every second that passed, you wished to end it – and if you died. It had to stop. You couldn't do anything but suffer.
You could feel your heart beating – at the beginning too fast because of the nervousness, but it slowed down. It got slower and weaker until you couldn't feel it anymore. It calmed you down somehow. Well, a little bit at least. Not being able to move was unsettling after all.
The darkness held you. It didn't let go. The moment your heartbeat had gotten so weak you couldn't feel it anymore, the heat started to change. It grew extremely, it became insufferable, before it disappeared completely. You felt as you drifted away now, falling deeper into the darkness. The nightmare turned into a dream – an endless slumber.


“You're kidding me, cap, aren't ya?”, your brother muttered, staring at your pale and motionless body. He had waited for him in the infirmary, watching over you – and just a second ago, it seemed like you had stopped breathing. You looked like some frozen statue – except the fact that you were made of flesh and blood.
“You've gotta save her!”, (b/n) exclaimed, earning an annoyed huff.
“Didn't I tell you to leave? You're a distraction.”, Law gave back, drawing some clear fluid into a syringe.
“But I can't just leave...!”, he weakly complained, flinching because of Law's glare.
“Get lost, (b/n). You can't do anything for her right now.”, he ordered. Your brother kept quiet, grimacing, before he turned around. Law didn't accept objections – he could tell from his undertone.
The raven-haired watched him leave, focusing on you afterwards, injecting you the antidote. He checked your vital signs – your pulse was weak, your body cold and for once, he couldn't be sure whether you'd make it or not. It made him grimace, grinding his teeth. Letting you – a part of his crew – die wasn't an option.


It was calm. And warm. Not the extreme heat from before, neither the cold that followed. It felt good, for once. With a sigh, you opened your eyes just to freeze again. Everything around you was white – you were surrounded by light. It was a warming, bright light, but it wasn't the Death. It was a different place than the yellow submarine you could almost call your home by now. You had no clue what this place was though – you could only guess.
“You shouldn't be here, (y/n).” The familiar, tired sounding voice made you flinch, turning around hesitantly just to freeze. It was your brother – a shining silhouette with a bloody, torn coat and scars all over his face and arms. At least at the parts you could see. It wasn't your brother who had joined the Heart pirates – it was the one who had died months ago.
“Fuck...”, you muttered, “Is that... really you...? Did I... die?” Too many questions – and none of them was answered. You watched him come closer, stopping in front of you.
“I wanted both of you to live on.”, he muttered, his eyebrows narrowed. “I refuse to take you with me now. Not as long as there's still hope for you.”, he added, pointing at a silver string coming from your neck, disappearing behind you in the light. It was fading, but still visible.
“Uh... yeah, if you think so...?”, you replied, more confused than anything at this moment.
He sighed calmly, rubbing the back of his head. “I don't just think so, I know it. So... how's our brother doing? Still causing ruckus?”
You tilted your head lightly, sighed and grinned. “He definitely is, but I'm a bigger troublemaker. Seems like I wasn't made for being a pirate.”, you hummed thoughtfully.
“I shouldn't be a problem though, seeing that this crew consists of idiots... except for the captain.”, you added with a shrug, slightly amused.
“Glad to know you got away from that frozen hell alive and found some new companions...”, he murmured, a small smile visible on his lips. “Idiots make life more amusing~”
“Yeah, they do... and I'm glad as well although Whilocy found an end it didn't deserve... but who complains about something like that anymore? This whole world is fucked up and ruled by trash.” You grimaced, thinking back. Just because of a Celestial Dragon, the population of an entire island was eliminated. Honestly, all those bastards deserve to die. You knew why you hated the government.
“I know... Did you forgive him his betrayal?”
His sudden unexpected question made you freeze and stare at him. Did you? “I never really thought about it anymore, so I guess I did...?”, you gave back, a bit unsure.
“How did you know about that anyways?”, you added, now raising one eyebrow, earning a slight grin.
“Who knows?~ But you should tell him that as long as you live. It's awful, having to live with the uncertainty.”, he innocently replied, causing you to narrow your eyebrows.

“Brother, how...-” You couldn't finish your question. From one moment to the next, you felt like somebody pulled you back. You felt like flying, followed by some powerful jolt. You didn't realize how you sat up a few seconds later, your eyes opened widely and taking a deep breath. You felt your heart pounding inside your chest, taking a few more breaths, slowly but surely calming down.
Before you could say something, somebody hugged you, holding you tight. You froze, narrowing your eyebrows lightly.
“What-”, you started confused, but were interrupted, having to cough because of your dry throat.
“(b/n)-ya, give her some space.” It was an order your brother listened to reluctantly, taking a step back. Now that you were free, you could finally look around. You stared at your brother for a moment, seeming all jittery, his eyes red because of tears, before you turned your head to the other side.
Law eyed you attentively, handing you a glass of water you took without hesitation. You took a mouthful, closing your eyes for a brief second.
“What happened...?”, you murmured calmly, looking at the two man questioning. “I remember bright light... and him... but I don't get it...”
“You almost died, sis! Do you have the slightest idea how worried I was?!”
You blinked because of your brother's outcry, slowly shaking your head.
“Maybe... wow. Must have been a near-death-experience...”, you hummed, almost fascinated.
“How can you-”
“I'm sorry.”, you interrupted your brother, an awry smile on your lips. “I caused you a lot of trouble as well...”, you turned your head towards the captain of the Heart pirates “ you. I'll try to be more careful, but I won't promise anything.”, you continued, earning a confused look as well as raised eyebrows.
“Ah, and (b/n).” You reached forward to grab his hand, pulling him to you and hugging him. “I didn't tell you, but... I don't hold a grudge against you anymore.”
He blinked in surprise, holding you again. “Eh... wow. Are you really my sister? Cause you're confusing me extremely right now acting like that...”
You chuckled – something that made the two men exchange a look directly after you let go of him. “I am indeed, but somebody reminded me of telling you stuff like that. At least stuff that would bother you if I died.”
“Stop talking like that! You're scaring me!” And with that, you started laughing. Your brother stared at you with wide eyes, obviously shocked. “Captain, what did you do to her...?!”
The raven-haired raised one eyebrow, already smirking. “Nothing. I simply made her survive. Such near-death-experiences often change people.”, he replied nonchalantly, watching you amused – and without admitting it, he watched you with relief.
“Don't be so shocked, (b/n). It was your brother that talked some sense into me.”, you hummed, a small smile visible on your lips.
“That's still...” Your brother didn't finish his sentence, just took a deep breath and shook his head. “Whatever... I'm just glad you woke up. It didn't look good for you...”
You sighed, turning around to him. “I know, idiot. Just tell me if you prefer me mean and nasty.”
“...that sounds more like you. I don't want you nasty, okay? Just... lemme get used to that change.”, he mused, narrowing his eyebrows as you got on your feet. You faltered, but didn't fall. You felt okay now that the poisons inside your body were gone.
“Fine, fine... so, I'd like to eat something. Any complaints that I want to go to the galley on my own?”, you wanted to know with a sigh, eyeing your captain curiously.
“'s about dinner time and you seem fit enough... no complaints.”, he smirked. You nodded, turning around – a bit too fast obviously as you almost fell over the sill, but were caught by your brother.
“Fit, huh? I see it...”, he huffed, shaking his head.
“Hey, I'm fine. I just need some time to recover, okay?”, you grumbled annoyed, freeing yourself from his grip. You didn't realize that Law watched you with a smirk, following both of you. Usually, he didn't eat much – but sometimes, even he felt some appetite.


It was surprisingly calm in the canteen – at least, it seemed like it as you stopped in front of the doors. You stroke through your hair with your fingers, sighing soundlessly.
The moment, you opened the door and stepped inside, it felt like everybody turned his head around to stare at you. You couldn't know how much time had passed – or that they haven't seen their captain, you and your brother for a few days straight.
So, the joy which made them, more or less, celebrate the appearance of you three confused you. You blinked, raising one eyebrow. You didn't say a thing as Shachi grabbed your arm, pulling you at their table – and before you could react, a full plate was placed in front you. Your brother took the seat next to you while Law stayed a few seats away. He preferred watching – not being in the middle of such chaos.
You couldn't help but chuckle because of that. You hadn't expected such a reaction – but fine, you had to admit that it made you happy somehow. Maybe this crew with their arrogant captain wasn't that bad. Maybe, just maybe, you would be a bit friendlier the next time...
Betrayal [Law x Reader] [Part 21]
And there we go!

I'm... confused yet fascinated. I didn't expect that I'd be able to finish the next Betrayal part so... fast. I mean, I had the beginning... and now, now it's finished! <3

I hope you like it!

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So... sorry for not replying sooner x: my laptop was broken a few days ago, so I couldn't be online... neither could I write... but lucky me, my friend knows somebody who could repair it faster than I expected. I can finally work on some stories again...! Although, I won't promise anything since I'll be staying with my friend for a few days c: So, I'll probably answer sooner or later, but I can't promise anything concerning my stories x: sorry for that!
You tossed and turned in your bed, your head aching even stronger than a few hours ago. You had no clue what time it was – but probably around midnight or so. You didn't really care whether somebody had returned to the ship or not, if you were alone or not – you just wanted the pain and the growing heat to end. You had soon fallen asleep, just to wake up because of some unsettling nightmare – and now, you couldn't fall asleep again. It just didn't work.
You growled lowly, getting up and tumbling because of the fast move, grabbing your nightstand to prevent yourself from falling. “What the fuck's wrong, damnit?!”, you cursed lowly, carefully leaving the room, heading for the bathroom. It wasn't that far away – and as you thought before, it didn't matter whether other crew mates were here or not. You needed some cold water to cool down. And maybe some pill against your headache...

You slowly continued moving on, entering the common bathroom with a sigh. You were only wearing your bandeau bra and shorts, not minding to put them off as you took a cold shower, leaning against the cold tiles with your back. You kept your eyes closed, grimacing every few seconds. You scratched your itching neck, lowering your head lightly. You felt terrible. Your head was pounding, the heat inside you felt like it was killing you – and every time you moved too much, it felt like the world was turning.
After a few minutes, you left the shower, taking a few deep breaths as you went to a small cabinet, pulling a towel out of it, draping it around your body. You felt a bit better – at the least you didn't feel that hot anymore. The most difficult part would be to get back to your and your brother's room safely. You were staggering, leaning against the wall after a few meters and slowly sinking, sitting down on the cold floor.
You bit your bottom lip, covering your face with your hands. What was wrong with that? You shouldn't feel that bad, should you? Sure, you were reckless – but what could bring you in such a state? That you hadn't put your boiler-suit on completely? As if. That might cause some small cold, not whatever this was.
Lowly growling, you managed to get up again, sighing soundlessly. Okay. You should take it slowly – very slowly. You couldn't allow yourself to get unconscious while wandering around in the submarine in a towel with wet hair. That would only make it worse – and that was the last thing you needed. Especially if the others were somewhere in town. Couldn't at least one of those idiots be here...?
...Wow. First time you'd be happy if somebody helped you out. You rolled your eyes, focusing on moving on. It was a struggle and it got even worse. Not far away from your room, you had to stop once more, placing your hand at your forehead. The heat was back. “Oh, fuck this...!”, you snarled, punching the wall in annoyance.
“The wall didn't do anything, so why are you punching it, (y/n)-ya?” The unexpected voice made you turn around quickly – too fast for your body obviously as you stumbled, falling and almost knocking your captain down. He placed an arm around your body, holding you for a moment, narrowing his eyebrows.
“Your cold as ice. What did you do...?”, he muttered, placing one hand at your forehead, huffing in disbelief. “A fever, really?”
“Don't forget headache and circulatory problems.”, you added grumbling, ignoring that your towel had fallen on the ground. He stayed quiet for a moment, eyeing you kind of worried, before he grabbed the piece of cloth, wrapping it around you and lifting you.
“Why are you wandering around in such a state?”, he muttered as he carried you to the infirmary.
“Didn't expect my condition to be that bad. Just took a shower to cool down.”, you sighed, grimacing and hiding your head at his chest. You didn't want to see any more blurry things.
“Mmh. Didn't expect that either. Any idea what caused this?”
You huffed lightly. “Aren't you the doc here? But it might be... poison? I can't remember much, but the moment I got caught, I felt a sharp pain in the neck, not a hit... or so...”, you muttered. “Can't be too sure though.”
“Sounds nice, more work for me...” He sounded sarcastically, making you chuckle tiredly.
“Your fault for taking me with you. You can also blame my brother... and of course me. Whether I provoke it or not, I always end with trouble...”, your voice died away as you were slowly but surely passing out. Well, you didn't want to fall unconscious, but your body had enough.

How annoying. Why did you always end up in the infirmary? You felt weak, exhausted... and you simply wanted to sleep more – but you couldn't. You woke up an hour ago and were staying in bed since then. Getting up sounded like a bad idea, knowing that you'd probably just fall down again... and again. Law hasn't visited you yet, so you had no clue concerning whatever you had. Not that it really mattered to you right now. You were so terribly annoyed.
With a growl, you placed your hands in front of your face, counting to ten in your thoughts in order to calm down. Just as you took a deep breath, the door was opened and your captain entered the room, narrowing his eyebrows as he realized that you were awake.
“Couldn't sleep anymore?”, he wanted to know calmly, walking over to you and placing his hand at your forehead the moment you had taken your hands away. You flinched lightly because of the cold, closing your eyes afterwards.
“First, it's too hot. Second, I slept like...forever. I wouldn't mind sleeping until this awful situation ends, but I guess my body won't fall asleep without some help. By the way... what's wrong with me? What kind of poison or stuff is it?”, you muttered, loud enough for him to understand you.
He narrowed his eyebrows, sighing afterwards. “A mixture of different poisons I'm figuring out. Too complicated to explain right now.”, he sighed, grabbing some sleeping pills and handing them to you along with a glass water. “Take them. The next moment you wake up, you should feel better.”, he calmly ordered, making you grumble. You didn't complain though, taking the medicine without saying something.
“If you say so, cap. Good night.”, you muttered, closing your eyes – and it didn't take long until everything went black again.


“Captain? Hey, captain!” The raven-haired stopped, rolling his eyes and turning around because of your brother's voice. He raised one eyebrow as he stopped in front of him, obviously out of breath.
“What is it? I'm busy, (b/n).”, he huffed, making the younger one flinch. Law not using his usual suffix was a clear sign that he was annoyed.
“What's with (y/n)?” His worried voice made his captain narrow his eyebrows, turning his head away for a brief moment as he thought about a way of explaining your current situation to him fast – and without causing more worries.
“She's been poisoned.” “What- how?!” Again, your brother flinched because of the glare the black-haired sent him, making him lower his head. “I'm sorry. I'm just...”, he muttered, getting quieter with each word.
“It's fine. She's been poisoned and is in a bad condition right now. I'll make some antidote for her, but I can't promise anything right now. It's a difficult situation.”
“But... she'll make it, right? She's though and all...”
Law hesitated, slowly nodding. He couldn't tell him how bad it was - and since he wouldn't let you die, there really was no need for him to worry too much. “She will. As long as you let me do my job now.”, he gave back, turning around to return to his laboratory. She had to make it although it seemed like a dangerous, maybe even deadly mixture. He was getting close to the antidote – but he had to hurry if he wanted you to get well soon. He couldn't waste anymore time.
Betrayal [Law x Reader] [Part 20]
Hey guys!~

So... yeah, this time, a rather short part, I'm sorry... but I didn't want to let you wait much longer - and the cut seemed okay to me, so I decided to upload this part now c:

As usual, I hope you like it. I'm sorry that I'm getting more and more inactive without wanting it x: I'll try writing more!~

Read you soon Heart 

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[x] You tilt your head when you’re confused.

[x] You love sweets and cute things.

[ ] You are often confused and lost in conversations with your friends. 

[ ] You blush simply thinking of sexual things.

[x] People often call you cute.

[x] You care a lot about your friends.

[ ] You embarrass yourself a lot with silly question or statements. 

[ ] You like bright, soft colours. 

[ ] You enjoy listening to cute, sweet, gentle songs.

[ ] You add things to the end of your friend’s names.

[ ] People often say “aww” when you’ve done something clumsy/silly. 

[ ] You like anime/movies about romance, love and friendship.

Total: 4

(...well, not so surprising that it's a low number oô)


[ ] You come off as tough and confident on the outside, when you are actually soft and emotional on the inside. 

[x] You often hide your true feelings for someone.

[ ] You are caring but deny it when someone tells it to you. 

[ ] You are protective. 

[ ] When someone bugs you, you tell them right away strongly, but are still on the inside worried that you’ve hurt them.

[x] You are easily embarrassed. 

[x] Compliments make you feel awkward and you always deny them. 

[ ] You tease and bully the one you love to hide your feelings.

[x] You can be violent at times. 

[x] You may hurt people a lot, but regret it right away. 

[ ] When people say Thank You, you often reply by saying it was for yourself.

[ ] You never cry in front of others.

Total: 5

(...already more than expected...)


[x] You are often loving, caring, sweet - until someone upsets you badly. 

[x] When angry, you normally hide it until the time for revenge is right. 

[x] You can at times, be obsessive. 

[ ] People have said you are “two-faced”.

[ ] People tell you that you’re nice, but can be creepy at times. 

[ ] You scare the crap out of your friends when you get upset. 

[ ] People find it weird to see you anything other than gentle and smiling.

[x] When you’re upset, sometimes you still smile, even when saying something harsh.

[ ] You can get very violent.

[ ] You love to help people, but often love to help yourself more. 

[ ] You like slow, sweet, but twisted songs.

[x] You like colors like dark blue or light red. 

Total: 5



[ ] You don’t show your emotions to others.

[x] You hide your true feelings. 

[x] When you become close to someone, you slowly open up. 

[x] Although you don’t show it, you are easily made happy. 

[x] You care for others a lot, still you don’t show it. 

[ ] People think you are mysterious.

[x] You can be shy.

[x] You aren't very loud, rather silent. 

[x] You know who to trust and who not to. 

[x] You choose your friends wisely.

[ ] You like simple colors, like light purple or white.

[ ] You are rather mature. 

Total: 8

(...o-kay. Well, guess that's it..? xD)


[x] You are a shy person.

[x] You are quiet and don’t speak up for yourself.

[x] You look down instead of straight forwards when walking.

[ ] You sometimes go to extreme levels just to get out of public speaking. 

[x] You have stage fright.

[ ] You are stoic and not very open. 

[x] You hide yourself with your hair at times. 

[ ] Your face starts boiling when speaking with others.

[ ] You speak very quietly in case you say something silly or you sound weird.

[x] You are afraid of meeting new people.

[ ] You are a hard worker.

[x] You do not have as many friendships as others, but those you do have, you cherish very much. 

Total: 7



Loli/Shota: 4

Tsundere: 5

Yandere: 5

Kuudere: 8

Dandere: 7

So, I'm a Kuudere...? Quite surprising, yeah... I didn't know those types too well, so for those, who have to research first, a short definition:

Kuudere. Noun. Wikipedia defines it as “a character archetype considered cold hearted and indifferent, but not showing their true colors.”

The "kuu" in kuudere comes from the Japanese loanword from English word “kuuru” which means cool. Like with tsundere, the dere part comes from “deredere” in Japanese which means to become lovey-dovey. So the basis of a kuudere character is someone who stays aloof, potentially making it clear that this is well below them, but in reality they actually have a very soft spot for the main character.

Hm. I'm not sure whether that fits or not. I wouldn't say that, but... who knows xD Seeing that I'm close to a Dandere, the result might change when I redo this in a while or so xD For now, I'm a Kuudere, okay...xD

Uh... 'bout the tagging... let's see...


:iconmarie-laurencezabini: :iconkattsura: :iconvizkopa:

:iconnaruxace: :iconinarrika: :iconvegeta2453:

:iconjanalaa: :iconpuffreece: :iconchibipanny:

If you don't want to do this, feel free to ignore it!~

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Hey guys! 

Now that school's over, I had the time to finish at least one part of Betrayal, I also started another part for Ups and Downs - and my Carnival Chaos idea is being worked on as well. I guess I'll be able to upload a few things the next week (as long as work lets me)

Oh and the reason I write this journal, guys... I just realized... that you're crazy. So unbelievably crazy! 201 watchers, I mean... seriously?! Thanks so much! Just... thank you! I can't believe it, eh...

So, uh... I would say it's time for... something special, but I don't know what. Some special story? A raffle? Or... eh, dunno.. If you've got some suggestions for me, just write them here! ♥ 

I hope you all have a great weekend and that you can enjoy the nice weather (at least, it's rather warm und sunny here - though I'm no that fond of the heat...)
Read you guys soon 
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